Welcome to Fan Friday, our new weekly series where we give fans a chance to speak out on the issues that matter to them. Today Jason Scott speaks for the carebears..

Carrie Underwood might not have won any hardware at this week’s CMA Awards, but as evidenced by her spectacular performance, she was the night’s biggest draw.

Performing a medley of her most recent chart-topping hits Good Girl, Blown Away, Two Black Cadillacs and See You Again, the singer brought the razzle-dazzle production elements often found on her headlining tours. Poised and confident, she commanded the stage in a way that she never has before — perhaps her diamond-laced stilettos are partly responsible. It was almost as if she knew that the best way to ease fans’ qualms about the bro-country-laden broadcast was to perform her heart out, smoothly weaving together the lyrics in an astonishing tour de force.

Of course, her musical showing wasn’t the only impressive component of her evening. She also served as co-host, alongside her dear friend Brad Paisley. For the sixth year running, the dynamic duo proved that they still have the chemistry, charm and comedic skills worthy of the best in the business. A few of the most memorable moments include their hilarious barbs at Obamacare, celebrity feuding (which took a jab at Julianne Hough‘s controversial “black face” Halloween costume) and Miley Cyrus‘ twerking shenanigans.

As much as Carrie’s snub for Entertainer of the Year still hurts like yesterday’s hangover, her pinpoint precision with a re-imagining of her most recent hits more than made up for the lack of industry recognition. “Best performance of the night, best performance of the year, best performance of my life. Ladies and gentlemen, CARRIE UNDERWOOD,” one fan praised.

Another chided the Country Music Association, in particular, “I loved how Carrie basically told the entire country music association to shove it.”

“Carrie is the whiter Beyonce!” a poster quipped.

“That, that is why Carrie Marie Underwood will forever be better than any female artist you could ever put her up against,” another asserted. “[She] is trending worldwide, and all the tweets are saying she’s perfect. So everyone, take notes: NO ONE IS BETTER THAN CARRIE.”

Even the Grand Ole Opry was impressed, “We’re speechless! @carrieunderwood has left us #BlownAway!”

This tweet sums it up perfectly: “You’re watching why @CarrieUnderwood shoulda been nominated for Entertainer of the Year.”

Even though it has been five years since Carrie has been crowned with any CMA accolades, her brand reaches further than the constricting boundaries of Nashville, as I demonstrated in a previous Fan Friday feature. Not only is she the new face of Sunday Night Football, but she is starring as Maria Von Trapp in NBC’s live broadcast of The Sound of Music (Dec. 5), has several new, cool collaborations under her belt (including one with Willie Nelson) and was personally invited to perform at the Emmy Awards. (See? How awesome is she?)

She is, truly, the reigning Queen of Country Music. Here’s why:

Note: Fans should be reminded she DID win a Grammy this year...