Welcome to Fan Friday, our new weekly series where we give fans a chance to speak out on the issues that matter to them. Today, Jason Scott speaks for the Carebears.

Carrie Underwood was snubbed (again) this week, sparking a firestorm across the interwebs that has still not flamed out. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Country Music Association—headed by hit-makers Florida Georgia Line and rocker Sheryl Crow—unveiled this year’s nominees for the 47th Annual CMA Awards. When the Entertainer of the Year category was listed off, Carrie (who scored a total of three nods) was magically left off the list, despite a sold-out Blown Away World Tour, a no. 1 album and four no. 1 singles.

Outraged fans took to Twitter to blast the organization’s voters. One fan proclaimed, “Carrie was snubbed for EOTY for the seventh year. Her tour was massive. What do voters want? Blood?”

Another posed a similar inquiry, “Anyone who can give me logical reasons as to why Carrie was overlooked for EOTY, I'd LOVE to hear the explanation.”

And yet another, “Seriously, what does Carrie  have to do to get recognized by your voters? Nothing she does seems to be good enough.”

As the dust is slowly settling, something dawned on me. Carrie doesn’t need awards to make her career. There are artists who thrive on shiny crystal statuettes or the golden gramophones the industry hands out like candy. In fact, their careers depend on them. Without them, they are merely a blip on the radar or a footnote in history. Other artists, like Carrie, have made their career on changing lives through their music and heartfelt acts of kindness. Ask any Carebear, and they will all say the same: this is the most important thing of all. Sure, awards and various other accolades are nice, but at the end of the day, an artist’s impact is the true barometer of success.

Note: Carrie has not won a CMA Award since 2008.

But to play devil’s advocate here, I want to recap a previous feature I did a few weeks back highlighting how Carrie is having the best year of her career.

  • Playing to 1 million fans on the Blown Away Tour

  • Sunday Night Football Theme Song

  • Upcoming role as Maria Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music”

  • Performing with the Rolling Stones

  • Winning CMT Music Video of the Year and a Grammy award for “Blown Away”

  • Celebrating 5 years since becoming a Grand Ole Opry member

  • Slaying at the CMA Music Festival with a cover of “Paradise City”

  • Co-hosting the upcoming CMA Awards with Brad Paisley for the sixth-year running

  • 18 no. 1 singles

Need I say more?

I think what hurts the most about the crop of 2013 CMA nominees (and what has country music fans so riled up) is how the voters are misrepresenting what actually happened in Nashville this past year. The Entertainer field looks like this: Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, George Strait and Taylor Swift. All these nominees are certainly deserving, in their own right, but if you look at the stats themselves, Carrie eclipses everyone in this category, except for Taylor.

Briefly: Jason’s live show is certainly something worth witnessing, but his radio success pales in comparison. Blake did not tour extensively as he used to, as he is now the fun-loving big brother on The Voice panel. Plus, his album Based On a True Story… has not sold as much as Carrie’s recent project. Luke’s biggest success (his “Crash My Party” going gold first week out) came after the eligibility period closed. George hit quite a milestone this year with his 60th #1 single, but that in no way should earn him a nod here.

Carrie’s lack of an Entertainer nomination certainly stings, but I don't think Carrie is phased by it. Her impressive list of accomplishments this year alone is reward enough. Oh, and her adoring fans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

To quote Stewie Griffin from “Family Guy”:

“I don’t have to defend Carrie Underwood to you. She’s doing just fine without you.”