With a breakout hit like "Like A G6," it's hard to imagine the dudes in Far*East Movement transitioning from warm glow of late-night dance parties to the buttoned-up world of old people benefits. Yet they've managed to find a way to compromise in their latest video for "Jello," off the album Dirty Bass, revealing their political and philanthropic interests run deep—or at least deep enough to be made the butt of a joke. The Rye Rye-assisted clip mocks the world of political fundraising with an event supporting the ban of banning low-oscillating woofers, and the threesome serving as the night's unconventional entertainment. The boys prove themselves to be equal-opportunity entertainers, mugging for the camera when they can, while showing love for older women and Oprah doppelgängers alike. Oddly enough, this is exactly what Thursday's Obama fundraiser turned into after the cameras stopped rolling. Nothing gets the night started like the smooth words of Al Green from the mouth of the Commander in Chief. Watch below.

New Family Search makes bedside research possible

Deseret News (Salt Lake City) February 14, 2010 | Sharon Haddock Deseret News PROVO -- Tom Bassett is anxiously engaged in good work -- despite the fact the Mormon man is ill, bedridden and being slowed by Lou Gehrig's disease. web site new family search go to website new family search

"Everything that was easy a year ago is now hard or impossible to do," Bassett told The Deseret News from his computer. "That includes walking and talking." But he's not letting it stop him from doing serious genealogy work.

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