Justin Bieber's supporting role on Far*East Movement's new single "Live My Life" provided a nice segue into his 18 and older territory, signalling to all those in bar and club vicinity that he was going to go about business as he wanted to from here on out,  even if it meant lending his expensive voice to to the guys who made "Like A G6." He's not afraid to take risks; we all should do the same. While the group is not above performing this alongside a few funnels on an otherwise bare stage, the accompanying video finds them aiming to soak up all the finer sights of Amsterdam, Europe's unofficial capital of doing whatever the fuck you want. But this is not your mother's Euro Trip. Here canal tours and trips to the Van Gogh Museum are replaced with shuffling around on double-decker buses and providing a refuge for One Direction members, should the whole boy band thing not work out.

The track already features LMFAO's RedFoo, but a "Party Rock Remix" of the song ensures that the Shuffle Bot makes an appearance in the video, as well as those leopard-print leggings. Sadly, there's no sight of The Bieb. Guess he had better things to do? Watch below.