Feisty Florida Woman Attacks Ex Husband Over Sex Position Disagreement

Horny seductress Wendy Luper was arrested Saturday night after attacking her ex-husband during a row...over what position to have sex in.

Luper, and Michael Vaccaro had been married for 12 years when they divorced however the lovebirds clearly couldn't stay apart, as they began seeing each other again six months ago.

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Presumably the relationship was going well (notwithstanding a little incident in August which you'll learn about later), as the  couple drove to a storage unit in Bradenton, Florida to pick up some of Vaccaro's possessions.

They parked around the back of the facility and obviously Mr Vaccaro's magnetic sex appeal was too much for housekeeper Wendy, as she took off her clothes and suggested they have sex, according to the police report on The Smoking Gun.

Wendy's randy ex was up for a bit of action too and asked her to lie down on her back.....which is where it all went wrong.

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Luper had her own ideas about how she wanted to be taken and it wasn't on her back. Clearly Vaccaro was not willing to compromise on his favored position and an argument ensued, resulting in him walking away from the storage unit to cool down.

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The feisty Ms Luper evidently hadn't calmed down by the time he returned though—she yelled at him to get his stuff out of the vehicle.  As he bent down to retrieve something from the front, he asked for a ride and she told him to fuck off.  She underlined her point by throwing something at his head, scoring  direct hit.  Reeling, he tried to reach items on the back seat of the vehicle just as Luper hit the gas pedal—while he was still half inside.  He jumped away as his crazed ex sped out of the parking lot, running over his foot on the way!

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Vaccaro called the police and upon arrival, they found him bleeding from the head and his right foot all swollen and discolored.

The cop called Luper on her cell and persuaded her return to the storage facility. She couldn't explain her ex-husband's injuries but said that Vaccaro "wanted to have sex with her".

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She was arrested for domestic battery and later released from custody after posting $750 bond, pending a court appearance in December.

It's not the first time the firey female has felt driven to violence by her ex-husband, back in August she was arrested after allegedly punching him in the face several times because he would not do laundry.

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Hint:  If you've divorced her and she's battered you twice since you got back together—maybe it's time to accept it's not going to work out.

woman attacks ex husband over sex position


woman attacks ex husband over sex position

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