Fifth Harmony Tease 30 Seconds of "Miss Movin' On"...And We Want More!

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We got six seconds of "Miss Movin' On" on we've got thirty. Quit teasing us, Fifth Harmony!

Oh, fine, we'll be patient. Mostly because we really like what we hear. X Factor veteran girl group Fifth Harmony—who rightfully won our "Next Big Pop Star" tournament—delighted us in the office last month by answering the hilariously awkward questions in our Magic Box interview. Lauren's "angry New Yorker" impression still has us chuckling...

As if we didn't already love the girls on their own enough, these 30 seconds of tunage have us on the edge of our seats. Listen up:


Despite their distinct individual voices, the girls manage to blend seamlessly when singing...harmony. From the sounds of it, "Miss Movin' On" and "Miss Independent" would get along swimmingly.

At this rate, maybe we can expect a full minute next week? Anything could happen...


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