Filous' "Monday" Is a Quirky, Heartfelt Search for Love

The 22-year old Austrian producer teams up with singer Ashe and director Tobias Pichler.


Filous is known for crafting lush, indie-driven electronic soundscapes.

His songs are as unique as they are dance-able, and he stays true to the emotional core of a song without letting his production overpower the overall artistic vision; rather, he compliments and enhances it. His latest single, "Monday," featuring San Diego-based singer, Ashe, is no exception.

The video for the song opens on the set of a fictionalized VHS dating profile show called "Who Wants Me?" The host introduces us to Percy (played by Filous), an awkward 22-year-old hopeful romantic with, according to the host, "beautiful, sad eyes." After she finishes introducing Percy, she cuts to Percy's home-made video introduction.

The song's dreamy, colorful synths begin as we fade in on Percy watering his lawn (which is littered in garden gnomes), and Ashe's wispy voice floats in to set the stage, singing, "Oh, when I first saw you / With those Levis 'round your waist, and those freckles on your face / I knew, I told my best friend / Before I leave here tonight, he will have me on his mind."

filous x Ashe - Monday (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

The rest of the video sees Percy really getting into his element. He deals cards to an empty seat at his table, plays the guitar while walking down the street, and even shows off his flute skills.

In a statement provided via email, Filous said of the video, "This is my favorite video we ever did for one of my songs. The director, Tobias Pichler, and I spent months together brainstorming ideas for the song as we really wanted to do something special for it. One day, Tobias sent me the treatment that ended up being the video. I absolutely loved the idea instantly. The only problem was it was 4 days before a video shoot we already scheduled for a completely different video idea. We ended up deciding to take the risk and go for the new concept, having to do the whole pre-production for the video in only a few days. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such incredibly talented people on this project, and I am once more blown away by Tobias Pichler's dedication and his precise creative vision. Hope you like the video as much as I do!"

Sometimes, it truly is those last-minute creative efforts that really pull a project in the right direction. "Monday" is the perfect end-of-summer love song.

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