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Final days to buy. Is this the end for the NES classic?

Maybe the last chance to purchase a NES Classic at Best Buy.

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Best Buy may be the only place left to buy!

Nintendo has decided, to our surprise, discontinue their NES Classic Edition console. It was announced earlier this month that this would be happening. The time is now here. No more additional units will be shipped to most retailers. It is tragic for any die-hard Nintendo fans that have not acquired this nostalgic gaming unit. For the last consoles, Best Buy is the place to go.

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The NES Classic Edition was a miniature plug-and-play version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Smaller than the normal size of NES Cartridge, which is unable to play the old NES games, but had been already loaded with a many of the classics that originally captured the imaginations' of children of that generation. It was also loaded with the advantage of additional saving, so that gamers were not forced into starting completely over for the less experienced of gamers not able to complete the game with the limited number of lives provided with the original NES.

Nintendo was surprised by how popular the console release was as they thought it would be a nostalgic pick-up for some gamers who may have enjoyed the original NES. The gaming company may want to focus on the Nintendo Switch, saying that you need to buy their latest console if you want to play Nintendo games. Exclusivity seems to be the successful gamer's standard. It is rumored that Nintendo is currently working on an SNES Classic Edition, projected to come out the end of 2017.

Instead, the console blew up in popularity making it extremely difficult for gamers to actually pick up a console unit through a retailer. Nintendo has already stopped manufacturing the NES Classic Edition. Demand has been very strong and has largely outpaced production. But Nintendo doesn't want to sell the NES Classic Edition forever. Now that the console has been discontinued, gamers who have been unsuccessful in obtaining one of these units in the wild may have to resort towards inflated prices from a reseller.

That might not be the case for some lucky few as it seems that Best Buy has announced they will be selling what is the last shipment of units today! You'll want to be one of the first few gamers to be at your local retail location. Get there quickly, as supplies will most likely go fast.

A spokesperson for Best Buy said, "the NES Classic will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the company has a policy of not commenting on inventory, so it's impossible to know whether this is really the end of availability at the electronics retailer or whether a few more units might sneak onto shelves between tomorrow and April 30th. Best Buy is also promising savings on Classic accessories, which makes sense seeing as no one will be able to buy the main item for much longer."

The emulator will soon be in higher demand after it's last new model has been bought. When they sell out, collectors will only be able to get it through shady online dealings. Or, at best, an eBay war with other enthusiasts which will drive the price up even more. After that, you must wait for the SNES Classic. Best call Best Buy ahead of time to reserve it, if they haven't run out already.

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