Never one to run in place—unless he's doing the "Running Man," of course—Psy has revealed that for the accompanying dance to his next single, follow-up to the world-dominating "Gangnam Style," he will be going in a different direction. "For the first time, let me give you a tip for my next move," Psy recently divulged as a guest on the Jonathan Ross Show. It’s not going to be (based on) an animal. It’s going to be some sports move."

Ross bugged Psy for more info, but no more details were forthcoming—leaving the entire world of professional (and amateur, really) athletics in play for the possible root of Psy's next nation-sweeping dance craze. We're sure he's been mainlining ESPN Classic for 23 hours a day in pursuit of just the right move, but in case he's yet to be struck by any specific inspiration, we have some ideas:

  • The Bad Snap. You jump into the air as you're falling backwards, like you're trying to catch a snap delivered high and to the right. It's like the Jim Jones "Fadeaway" taken to its logical extreme.
  • The Carlton Fisk. A little dated, perhaps, but there was always a poetry-in-motion aspect to Fisk's attempts to push his fly ball in Game Six of the '75 World Series back into fair territory from the first-base line that we think would translate well into a dance.
  • The All-In. OK, poker may or may not be a sport, but it's televised on ESPN, and it has a good move to go with it—you stack your chips together, then you puuuuush them into the middle of the table. The time you spend stacking before the big push depends on what level of baller you are.
  • The Five-Hole. Only for the really flexible out there, you go down in a half-split while sticking your arms out, as if attempting to prevent a hockey puck going in a net behind you from any possible angle, then popping back up. You can probably only reasonably expect people to do this once a chorus, but it'll be a great show-off opportunity for those who can pull it off.
  • The LeBron James. You put your arms around your neck as if you're CHOKING. (Wait, he actually won in the finals last year? Dammit.)