Flo Rida: Exactly What "We Found Love" Was Missing


No Rihanna, you got it backwards—it's Flo Rida who needs to have other, more talented people on his songs in order to turn them into hits, not the other way around. "We Found Love" is currently enjoying its ninth week on top of the pop charts, but apparently Ri and her people thought it necessary to release a remix starring the inimitable Flo, perhaps hoping to push it to some historic chart plateau, Katy Perry style. (Only seven weeks to go to tie "One Sweet Day"!) At least this remix does feature a sizeable contribution from Flo, as he shows up on both the intro and over the song's primary instrumental hook with his trademark unintelligble yammering, though he gets in at least one reference to rocking a party "like I'm Mick Jagger." You know, pop dudes, Keith Richards was pretty cool, too.


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