Florence + The Machine's latest video "No Light, No Light" features a willowy Florence Welch as many already see her: heavenly, sitting, high above the rest of us mortals. The third Ceremonials single is depicted through an interesting juxtaposition of religions, with Welch at the hand of a mysterious African priest who's caused her to flirting mercilessly with death below, while a boys' choir carries out traditional Christian practices from the safety of their church. Nearing the edge of skyscraper, Welch's voodoo doll equivalent results in her abrupt movements which build suspense with every narrowly close step she takes. When she does fall through the New York sky—inevitable, right?—it's a much more beautiful version of a stunt outtake from an action movie, as her red hair is accentuated by the city's muted landscape before crashing into the church and the waiting arms of the young boys below. This is probably not the best clip for those with a fear of heights, but if your finger is hovering over the play button, Welch does looks gorgeous throughout. So, there's that. Watch below.