Florence and the Machine, at least on lead single "What the Water Gave Me," are heading in a direction less powerhouse and more eerie. Is that a clue? It is, if you're the type of person who sees a Halloween release of upcoming album Ceremonials as a clue. (It's Halloween in the U.K.; the States get it a day later.) Ourselves, we're just stunned by the cover art. It's probably just a mirror with two reflections of Florence Welch, but we can't help reading symbolism into there being three of her. Or admiring the contrast; take the cover outdoors, and it could pass for something Pre-Raphaelite.

The tracklisting's below, and again, we're already excited. Tracks like "No Light, No Light" and "Seven Devils"? Bring them on.

1. Only If for a Night

2. Shake It Out

3. What the Water Gave Me

4. Never Let Me Go

5. Breaking Down

6. Lover to Lover

7. No Light, No Light

8. Seven Devils

9. Heartlines

10. Spectrum

11. All This and Heaven Too

12. Leave My Body