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Florida Man Charged With 'Throwing Alligator' Into Wendy's Restaurant

Before I became a celebrated writer for Popdust, I worked many years in the foodservice industry, but I never had the misfortune to work at a drive-thru. Here's an example the hell a drive-thru window worker can experience on the regular. florida alligator throw

A 23-year-old Florida man has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and illegal possession and transportation of an alligator after throwing an alligator through the window of a Wendy's restaurant. florida alligator throw

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Joshua James of Jupiter, FL, is alleged to have used the reptile as a projectile as part of a harmless prank on a friend who worked at the Wendy's in Royal Palm Beach. 

Palm Beach County's NBC affiliate was on the scene to cover the incident and snapped a photo of the beast that they tweeted along with a photo of the perp. florida alligator throw

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While nobody is surprised James about the aggravated assault charge, some people are wondering why possession of an alligator is illegal.

Although they are no longer considered endangered, alligators do bear a passing resemblance to some endangered animals (such as crocodiles and caimans); alligators are protected to prevent those endangered animals from becoming extinct.

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James' joke was in emulation of the classic "Fire in the Hole" prank meme from Youtube.

Luckily, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (try saying that five times fast) arrived on the scene swiftly to remove the alligator from the burger joint. The judge presiding over the case has ordered that James stay away from animals and Wendy's restaurants.

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