Florida Man Disembowels Girlfriend After She Says Ex’s Name During Sex


Fidel Lopez called 911 in the early hours of Sunday morning, and reported his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, was experiencing problems breathing, and that he feared she was going to die.

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According to the Sun Sentinel, when cops arrived at the scene, they found Lopez in the bathroom, screaming for help—Nemeth's disemboweled naked body was next to him on the floor, blood and body tissue strewn around the apartment that the couple had been sharing for just one week.

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Fire-rescue pronounced Nemeth dead at the scene shortly after—while cops noted signs of a physical struggle, including blood smeared all over the apartment, doors smashed to pieces and the bathroom door ripped from its hinges. They also discovered a half empty bottle of 1800 Tequila in the kitchen.

During his first round of questioning, Lopez initially claimed that he and Nemeth had been drinking tequila when they began to have "rough sex." He claimed Nemeth asked him to put a beer bottle and his fist inside her vagina, because she enjoyed it. Afterwards, he claimed, Maria went to the bathroom to throw up and then collapsed.

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When police pressed him further though, he broke down and started telling a horrifying different turn of events, allegedly going on to confess to an utterly unthinkable crime.

According to the arrest report, Lopez told detectives he became a “monster" after Nemeth called out her ex-husband's name twice while they were having sex—explaining, that upset and enraged him.

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The 24-year-old, allegedly then told cops that he left Nemeth in the closet where they had been having sex and started breaking things throughout the apartment, smashing the rear sliding glass door and punching holes in the walls in a fit of rage. Lopez then returned to the closet to find a now unconscious Nemeth.

He allegedly confessed to violating her with a beer bottle, and a flat iron for hair, before shoving both of his fists, up to the elbow, inside of her, and disemboweling her by tearing out chunks of her intestines with his bare hands.

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The Sunrise, Florida man claimed that he then attempted to revive her by splashing water on her face, and when that failed, he washed his hands and went outside for a cigarette. Panicking, he started to attempt to clean up the apartment but then called 911 when he realized Nemeth had stopped breathing.

"We're devastated," neighbor Dan Carter told Local 10. "There's a black cloud hanging over this apartment complex. Now the neighbors are sad. It's a horrible loss."

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Shockingly, given the unbelievable depravity of the alleged attack, Lopez appears to have no prior history of violent behavior—in fact, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement shows only one other arrest for Lopez, for disorderly intoxication in 2014. He is currently being held on first-degree murder charges.

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