Florida Man Gets 2 And A Half Year Sentence For Having Sex On The Beach In Daylight

Last summer, Jose Caballero was so overcome with passion for his lady that he had to have her right then and there, on the sandy beaches of Tampa, Florida, in broad daylight.

Blinded by their lust, the couple got busy for an impressive 25 minutes or so and failed to notice that there were families with children watching—one as young as 3.

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Oh, and that some hard up hater was filming them with a camera.

Witnesses say they did nothing to conceal their passions, and boldly boffed in several positions.

Both were found guilty of lewd or lascivious exhibition in front of a child—and must register as sex offenders!

That sucks.

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Because Caballero had previously served 8 years in prison on a drug conviction, he received with a 2.5 year sentence. His partner in carnal crime, Elissa Alvarez, got off with time served.

The case garnered international attention when it was revealed the couple could face as much as 15 years in prison.

One man started an online petition asking President Obama to pardon the couple. Nearly 1,400 people signed it.

Prosecutors showed no mercy though.

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“We’re dealing with basically tourists, that came from Brandon and Riverview and West Virginia, and they’re here on the beaches of Manatee County, our public beaches,” Assistant State Attorney Anthony Dafonseca told the Miami Herald. “So you want to make sure that this isn’t something that just goes by the wayside. And that it is well known to the community, what will be tolerated and what won’t be.”

Meanwhile, Caballero’s attorney said his client got screwed (literally and figuratively).

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“Do I believe, personally, that 2½ years is something that he should have to do? The answer is no,” Ronald Kurpiers said. “But I was caught between a rock and a hard place. If I rejected that, he was back to the exposure to 15 years.”

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