Florida Man Locked In Trunk Gets Busted For Possession

A man who of course is from Florida accidentally locked himself in the trunk of his car, only to be busted for marijuana possession when he was freed by a cop.

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The 32 year old had decided to go for a leisurely stroll and a smoke on Sombrero Beach in Marathon down in the Keys when things went wrong for him, the Keys Info Net reports;

"Around 9.30 pm, Monroe Country Sheriff's Deputy Seth Hopp responded to a call of a suspicious car at the beach after hours.

He found the 1997 Lincoln Continental in the parking lot with all of its doors wide open but the trunk closed—and heard knocking coming from the trunk.

Hopp said he was a deputy with the Sheriff's Office and ordered him out of the trunk, but the 32 year old said he couldn't because he was locked inside.  Hopp got the trunk open and let the man out."

Whilst it was lucky that the cops were called, the car looked a tad suspicious with all of it's doors open, even the glove compartment was ajar. The man told the deputy that when he got back from his evening walk, he couldn't find the car keys and was searching in his trunk—somehow he wound up falling in and locking himself inside.

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He should have been sure to close the glove box first though, as that's where Hopp spotted the pot and a pipe and busted him for possession of marijuana.

Some people just can't catch a break.

Florida Man Locked In Trunk Gets Busted For Possession

Florida Man Locked In Trunk Gets Busted For Possession