Florida Sex on the Beach Hottie Speaks Out—"I Am Not a Sex Offender"

Sand in her swimsuit?

“I am a sex offender right now," Elissa Alvarez told Inside Edition:

Her crime? The 21-year-old and her beefcake boyfriend, Jose Caballero had consensual sex on a beach in Bradenton, Florida.

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As previously reported by Popdust, both horndogs are recorded on the national sex offender registry and Alvarez has now broken her silence about the sentence. She feels it is a little extreme; “I am not a sex offender. I'm not a child molester. I would never do anything to a child physically. I absolutely love children I always said I wanted six kids," she reasoned.

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That may be the case, but the beach was pretty crowded on that day in May, 2014. Children were splashing in the waves and people were getting their tans on. Alvarez and Caballero were enjoying the afternoon when lust overtook them and she, well....mounted him. Whilst a live sex show may be some people's idea of appropriate afternoon beach entertainment, one appalled grandmother with a smart phone did not enjoy the spectacle and set her camera rolling, taking the video that blew the case wide open.

Cops were called, and Alvarez and Caballero were hauled off to jail literally wearing only their bathing suits—him in a red speedo and her in a bikini. The couple was charged the felonious charge of lewd and lascivious exhibition and faced a ridiculous 15 years. It took a jury only 15 minutes to reach a guilty verdict—the smoking gun being the viral video that was taken by the grandmother. The judge threw the book at Caballero, who has a prior conviction for cocaine trafficking, and sentenced the 40-year-old to two-and-a-half years.

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Alvarez however, avoided jail time and continued to Inside Edition: “When I have a kid I am going to be labeled a sex offender and will people want to bring their kids to my kids? And can I go to there? And now, I think should I even how a kid now. It's not fair at all."

“People say these two should have known better," her lawyer Gregory Hagopian conceded, “I don't disagree with them. To go ahead and convict someone of a sex crime and put them behind bars for years and a sex offender for life that is a bit too much."

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But Prosecutor Anthony Dafonseca takes an entirely different stance on the matter: “These are people who engaged in sexually explicit actions in front of minors at a beach at 2:30 in the afternoon. This is not what you can expect to see." .

Alvarez might have her freedom, but she has been sentenced to a life of shame, she says. "The fact that I have to live with that and go through that and deal with the consequences that go with that, it is embarrassing".

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