Floridian Woman Arrested When Boyfriend Shows Cops Video of Doggy Sexy Time

Poor dog.

Miranda Johns love dogs.

No, not like buy-them-sausages-and-doggie-sweaters-in- the-winters loves her dogs. No she really loves her dogs.

In fact, Miranda makes love to her dogs.

The sorry saga came to light when the 21-year-old Floridian accused her boyfriend of sexual battery. When cops in Naples contacted Kurtz Villavicencio, 30, about the accusation, he provided them with a sex tape of epic proportions in an attempt to clear his name.

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The video allegedly shows Miranda engaged in sex acts with her two dogs, according to a police report obrained by The Smoking Gun. She was arrested and taken into custody.

As reported by a Collier County Sheriff's Office deputy, Villavicencio “provided me with his phone to show me evidence that he did not sexually batter Miranda."

Instead, the phone contained "disturbing photos and videos" sent to him by Johns.

Specifically, several videos showed Johns's dogs “giving her oral sex while she masturbated." One video even showed Johns trying to coax a dog into penetrating her, and a separate text message from Johns to Villavicencio said that one of the animals “likes the taste of your cum."


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During questioning Johns claimed however, that Villavicencio was “interested in her having sex with animals," as well—including a bigger dog!

Johns was arrested on three misdemeanor counts of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal. After posting a $6000 bond, she was released from custody Monday and is due in court on April 13.

There's just something about Florida…

Last June, another female Floridian woman was arrested for having sexual contact with her pit bull. Ashley Miller confessed to luring her dog named "2-Face", into licking her vagina between 30 and 40 times over the past five years!

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Police learned that Miller would occasionally photograph the oral sex sessions, when they uncovered shots of 2-Face licking her vagina. The 19-year-old recently entered into a deferred prosecution agreement that will result in the dismissal of criminal charges if she completes a pre-trial intervention program (which presumably involves paying for poor 2-Face's doggy therapy).

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