If there's one band whose new albums necessitate trailers, it's probably Muse, the alternative art-rock outfit who try to pack about a trilogy's worth of drama and action into even their filler tracks. The trailer for their upcoming album The 2nd Law isn't particularly compelling or surprising at first—a lot of ominous footage of kids running and stock markets doing stock market-y shit, while a news anchor talks about how the future is going to suck (or something) and dramatic orchestral music plays in the background. Things don't get interesting until the shot of the TV broadcasting the news anchor turns evil (at the line "An economy based on endless growth is UN-SUS-TAIN-ABLE") and then, of course, the dubstep beat drops.

Dubstep seems like sort of a natural evolution for Muse—hell, everyone's doing it these days, and Muse is already so loud and bombastic that a move to pop's loudest and most bombastic sub-genre seems inevitable. It sounds like a decent-enough facsimile to us, but not everyone in the dubstep world is impressed. In fact, genre leading light Flux Pavilion (whose "I Can't Stop" was lifted by Jay and Kanye for The Throne's "Who Gon Stop Me") suggested that the group should have consulted the experts before going wub-wub:



We would like to accept this challenge on Matt Bellamy's behalf. We suggest you guys start with remixing "Hysteria"—that thing has so much bass it's already halfway there to begin with.