Former Girlicious Star Is Back With Another Impossibly Sexy Girl Group, Girls United

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You may not recognize Girls United, but there's a good chance that you've seen the girl group or one of its members before without realizing it. Nichole Cordova (the cute blonde in the photo above) got her break as a member of the tarty Girlicious, who were formed through season two of Robin Antin's 'The Pussycat Dolls Present...' reality TV competition. If you didn't watch the show (I don't think many people did), then you might have seen the girls on another show that nobody watched, season 3 of The X Factor.

Girls United have now officially debuted with their first single "The Mashup" -- which I'm relieved to say is much better than anything that G.R.L. --Robin Antin's latest failed attempt to recreate PCD-- has put out.

"The Mashup" takes the strip club hip-hop sound that's so trendy right now and injects it with a few buckets of bubblegum and low-key electro-pop. Half the song is made up of refrains that constantly bob in and out between verses, sometimes on top of one another, as the production boils with synths and snakey rattles.

Despite a somewhat low budget sound compared to other glossy top-forty acts, "The Mashup" is still quite good -- almost too good for a group like Girls United.

Just like every single Robin Antin girl group, from PCD and Girlicious to G.R.L. and the Paradiso Girls, Girls United is made up of the kind of plastic fantastic L.A. babes that wear too much make-up, not enough clothes, and probably count Keeping Up With The Kardashians as their favourite TV show. "The Mashup" music video is nothing more a scantily-clad swimsuit shoot with a lurid tint over the top -- the whole thing would've been much more effective if Girls United had just worn their street clothes and postured by the pool instead. It kind of makes you wish the song had been given to the hipper Neon Jungle, who would've done something more interesting visually than just T&A.

Still, "The Mashup" is far better than anything G.R.L. or Fifth Harmony have served up so far, and that has to count for something. If they keep the cool sound and tweak their image a bit, there could be something worthwhile here.