Former Wonder Girl Teases Solo Debut, "24 Hours"

While K-pop super group, Wonder Girls, are on an extended hiatus from the music industry, one of their former members is preparing to launch a solo career. 21-year-old Sunmi is a founding member of the group who was with them during the height of their popularity with hits like "Tell Me" and "Nobody." She was still with the girls when they debuted in America, touring with the Jonas Brothers and performing on So You Think You Can Dance and The Wendy Williams Show, but she left the group shortly after to return to school and study. It's now been over three years since she did anything in the entertainment industry, but now she's back and preparing to debut as a solo artist with her first single, "24 Hours."

JYP Entertainment has teased the release with some pretty photos of a pink-haired Sunmi posing against a white backdrop. J.Y. Park himself reportedly handled the song's production (as he does with all his artists), on top of the choreography, music video, and overall concept.

Sunmi's solo debut is already making headlines in Korea, but the reaction seems largely negative so far, with most Korean netizens seemingly still holding a grudge against her for leaving Wonder Girls at their peak. JYP artists haven't had much luck on the charts this year compared to their past success, so the odds are definitely stacked against Sunmi, but her history as one fifth of one of the biggest groups in K-pop history will give her an extra advantage over JYP's other soloists. If "24 Hours" is as good as any of Wonder Girls' singles, she may even have a real hit on her hands.

The music video for "24 Hours" drops on August 20, Sunmi has her first performance on M! Countdown on the 22nd, and the song will be available for digital download on the 26th. Excited?