Four Minutes Of A Woman Shaking Her Ass Is Now Considered A Drake Video

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Diverging from what we believed was his single release schedule, Drake has gone and unveiled a clip for "Practice," the Juvenile-sampling track off Take Care. Everybody breathe. We were also hoping for a flirty Rihanna video, but sometimes you have to cope. Within the clip are four minutes of model Kyra Chaos dancing in front of her mirror, "Bootylicious"-style, before Drake swoops in to reap the benefits. Surprising us with a different single is one thing, but failing to show up his own video until the final seconds gives us an entirely new bone to pick with Drizzy when we get him alone—second in importance to asking why he roots for the Miami Heat. Drizzy and OVO family invite others to submit their own best "Practice" efforts on the team's official blog. So if dancing that's limited to one region of the body is your thing, by all means.

We appreciate the many talents of Ms. Chaos, but is this supposed to hold us over until the next Drizzy-led venture? Just give us "Take Care" already. We can't way for perfection much longer.

Practice from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

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