After calling Common a vile rapper and My Chemical Romance propagandists, you wonder if people affiliated with Fox News just can't get the A-listers to feud with them or something. Could this be a weakness in the formula?

Apparently not; the latest target of criticism is Chris Brown, whose Today Show performance got the multi-minute diss treatment by Laura Ingraham, a few commentators and a reporter who attended the event to ask all sorts of loaded questions, culminating in them showing printouts of the TMZ photos of Rihanna to fans in the crowd. Basically, this is the "bogus story" that Brown was multi-tweeting about the other day. At the very least, posts like "I keep my head high and my middle finger higher! I love team breezy. Let's just laugh it off cuz they mad. Ahahahahaha" suggest he got our all-purpose letter?

The Chris Brown bit's the bit that got the headlines, but buried in the segment is a bit about Ke$ha's Get Sleazy tour--Fox News doesn't really like guys to take crotch shots (consensually) for Ke$ha to hang up in her trailer. Also targets: "Fuck You" and "Tonight I'm Fucking You," because of course. These are supposedly responsible for teen suicide, depression, you name it, based on the evidence that they exist. The commentators also praise Taylor Swift, which shouldn't surprise you by this point. Watch it all below if you must:

Sunday afternoon is far too early in the day to wade into all the intricacies of this, so we'll just give you the lowlights:

- The Today Show is on NBC. Fox News is on FOX. Network sniping probably isn't the biggest factor in this, but it's a factor.

- Also a factor: Laura Ingraham has a BRAND NEW BOOK that is supposed to expose "cultural rot." It is really, really, really good for Laura Ingraham's BRAND NEW BOOK, not to mention Laura Ingraham's bank account and celebrity, for her to come up with examples of said "cultural rot" and lambaste them in public as a Cultural Rot Expert whose expertise you can purchase. Fortunately, she defines "cultural rot" so broadly that any pop culture will do. (It doesn't even have to be pop culture! You can't name kids after a planet, Ingraham says, which would probably make the ancient Roman gods pretty sad.)

- Hey, speaking of ancient Romans, ever wondered what went down on the graffiti walls back then? (Look it up.) It's like everyone thinks curse words and sexual references were invented in the 2000s, when even the briefest study of history outside a fourth-grade textbook will prove this wrong.

- We're not disagreeing with Ingraham on the following: violence against women is never OK. We would, however, like to add the following: race-based assumptions are also never OK. We've been over this.

- On that note, "degrading, misogynist lyrics" can be found in practically every genre of music that has lyrics, but somehow it's always rap that gets criticized for them. In this case, the artists criticized work in rap, neo-soul, Latin crossover, and Ke$ha, who doesn't really count because she's an all-purpose target for cases like this. This is not a coincidence.

- This is one of those cases where nobody is 100% right, which is bound to shock some of you Internet feuders. There's a kernel of truth in both cases buried in a whole lot of wrong! Think on that for a bit; we've got some Lloyd to listen to.