Popdust Presents | Frances Rose


Real talk:

"Whoever said pop music doesn't have substance, clearly hasn't listened to Frances Rose"
-Indie Current's Editor-in-Chief Matt Pendrill

Beyond the addictively danceable poetry they dish out to their fans, the sister-duo behind those "A-List Pop" (as Nylon put it) songs (along with their drummer, Brando) and It-Girl looks -- (often in collaboration with their bestie, Samantha Giordano, and her obsession-worthy feminist fashion line Dolores Haze) -- Sarah Frances and Michelle Rose have more substance than pop music knows what to do with. So they're doing it themselves.

Check out PopDust Presents - Frances Rose to watch Sarah and Michelle talk about their passion for empowering the next generation of feminist rock goddesses (and gods, and gender-neutral powers-that-be), share love for their contemporaries, gush over their icons, and charm the pants off of you (with Tori No Pants, appropriately.)

Photography by Eric Mooney - Sarah Frances and Michelle Rose (Frances Rose) gal-pal it out with PopDust's Tori V. -- Not to be confused with Tori Amos, who the sisters also love dearly.

1/20/17 - The LoveSchack Presents : A Fundraiser for Willie Mae Rock Camp at Fat Baby, New York City.

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