Frank Ocean Releases Trailer For Something-Or-Other

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Frank Ocean, like the rest of the Odd Future crowd, isn't opposed to ambiguous quasi-trailers for potential quasi-releases, announced via Tumblr post and never elaborated upon. So while Pitchfork speculates that Channel Orange could be something from Ocean's debut, due sometime this year, here's all we know about the track attached:

- From the preview we get here, it's the sort of lushly produced, drifting slow jam that Ocean's probably made 50 or so times by now.

- It's about Cleopatra, or someone who's named Cleopatra, or a lot like Cleopatra--look, where we're going with this is that it's the sort of slow jam where "working in the pyramid" actually does make sense as a chorus.

- The video may or may not have something to do with the below car.

- Something will happen on June 17, presumably related to all of those.

If you have any more of an idea of what's going on, do let us know. The song's pretty good from all indications; we'd be interested.