Frank Ocean Unveils New Song "Wiseman" Left Out of Django Unchained

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Frank Ocean's tumblr is the digital equivalent of a year-round advent calendar. So many treats to be revealed! Sometimes it's   a heartfelt declaration of love, sometimes it's a deadpan rant about Oreos and almond milk. Today though, Ocean's site gave us the greatest gift of all: new music!

"Wiseman" was supposed to be Ocean's contribution to the Django Unchained soundtrack, but the song was cut from the film for cinematic reasons. (As direction Quentin Tarantino explained, the song "was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn’t a scene for it. ") Ocean took to the web instead to drop the song, and there doesn't appear to be any hard feelings:

django was ill without it

Just as Quentin said, "Wiseman" is a gorgeous ballad in the Channel Orange style, with all sort of digital jangles underscoring that immortal croon. Ocean's lyrics continuing the path his early music set, walking the same sort of transcendentalist-humanist line: "Strong man don't exist / No undying man exists / Weak men don't exist, no / Just flesh and blood exists." (No artist wants to make us go back to college more than Frank Ocean.)