A while ago, Frank Ocean blogged his song "Thinking About You," which is very good, but then it turned out it was possibly a demo for Bridget Kelly, which is possibly why Ocean deleted it if not why he posted the damn thing in the first place. Now Ocean's maybe-not-official version of the song has gotten an quasi-official video by High 5 Collective, who've worked with Ocean before in the same realm of quasi-officiality.

Confused? We are too. At any rate, the video itself won't clear much up. The song's great; the ambiguous, probably not culturally sensitive Native American plotline for drama are is so great nor so original. A meteorite crashes to earth, and Frank Ocean is a nurse. Granted, it makes more sense when you watch it. It also means you can listen to (Frank Ocean's version of) "Thinking About You" another time, and that alone is an endorsement.

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.