Freaky Friday—Inside the World of Oculolinctus

What even is Oculolinctus?

We've all had that lust—or even love at first sight moment when we couldn't keep our eyes off the man or woman of our dreams.

We imagined staring into one another's eyes, batting our eyelashes in mild flirtation, and watching every move the other made. For the majority of us, that's as far as the “eye" thing goes.

Not so for those who are turned on by oculolinctus, AKA “worming."

What is this oculolinctus (and how the heck do you pronounce it) you may wonder? According to Daily Star, it's a weird sexual fetish where erotic pleasure is derived from licking someone's eyeball!


And I am grossed out by the thought of putting in a contact lens.

According to Wikipedia, the fetish became super sexy in Japan in 2013 where the practice was called “eyeball licking play." Lots of teens got in on the action, and not surprisingly, there was a rise in eye infections including conjunctivitis, pinkeye, and chlamydia. Well, at least there was no chance of teen pregnancy.


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While what's hot for some is not for others, I cannot “see" how this practice could possibly be sensual or arousing in any way. Is it the hot breath coming towards your peepers? Or the chance of the removal of eye “boogers" that gets the juices flowing? Maybe it's a way to cut down on eye makeup remover cloths spend. But to each his or her own, and if “worming" is on the sexual menu, lick away.

So the next time you're looking to spice up your sexual repertoire, perhaps oculolinctus could be introduced to your partner. Just steer clear from jalapeno peppers before you make your move or you're bound to get the evil eye.

Have you or would you try this eye-popping sexual fetish? I'm blinking twice for “hell NO!"

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