This headline comes from a credible news source that is not The Onion: "Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst to star in new sitcom Douchebag." For real—the backwards-cap wearing nu-metaller, rivaled only by Scott Stapp as the most detested frontman of the 21st century, is getting his own show on CBS, titled after the pejorative phrase most often used to describe him (narrowly beating out "idiot," "mook" and "dickhead"). According to Deadline, the project "centers around a rock legend [sic] looking for balance between his high profile lifestyle and trying to raise a family," and is written by Matthew Carlson, scribe for the recent ABC flop Mr. Sunshine.

Much as we jab at the Biz Kid, we wish him well in his cross-platform comeback efforts. For all of his musical douchebagginess, he actually seems like a pretty thoughtful guy off the court, and some of his directorial film efforts—especially the underrated Jesse Eisenberg-starring The Education of Charlie Banks—are actually petty decent. The comeback's certainly not going to happen via the 2011 Bizkit release Gold Cobra—it only made it to #16 on the charts and failed to produce a single hit—so my as well give the whole starring-in-a-sitcom thing a shot. Hey, it worked for LL Cool J.