Start the movement. Fiona Apple, artistic visionary and semi-professional crazy person, was arrested and detained at Hudspeth County Jail in Sierra Blanca, Texas—apparently the rock star drug-bust capital of the US—when hash was found on her tour bus. According to TMZ, who reported the arrest, the city had previously been the location of previous possession busts for the likes of Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Armie Hammer. (Way to make the cut, Armie!)

We would hope that Fiona would get some kind of artist/nut exemption for this—she probably needs the hash to stay mentally balanced, or mentally unbalanced, or whatever exactly it is that makes her her. I mean, it's like the cops have never listened to (or seen the title of) The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Chords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do. Luddites.