Why Aren't "Free Speech" Warriors Upset About "The Hunt" Being Censored?

The film's premise is kind of like The Most Dangerous Game mixed with The Purge.

The Hunt is (or was) a satirical action/horror film about a group of poor people who get captured and hunted by a group of wealthy global elites.

The premise sounds kind of like The Most Dangerous Game mixed with The Purge, and it certainly falls under the bounds of "free speech."

Now, Imagine caring so much about free speech that anytime someone gets offended about anything, you shout, "No censorship! Freedom of speech gives me the right to say whatever I want!"

You love freedom of speech so much, in fact, that you've confused your First Amendment (freedom from government censorship) with exception from every other kind of censorship (censorship by private organizations and self-censorship). You've even decided that social consequences for your own actions, like someone else calling you racist, is an infringement upon your right to free speech. You are a true patriot, a Defender of Free Speech™.

Twitter (a private platform) banning specific conservatives (probably for hate speech)? Not on your watch.

Globalist censorship conspiracies? Definitely real.

And then The Hunt comes along. Oh boy. To you, this "movie," if you can even call it that, is all about a group of liberal elites mercilessly slaughtering nice, good, salt-of-the-earth deplorables based solely on their opinions—just like Antifa (sorry, we tried to provide a link, but we don't have any actual sources to back this statement up)!

Sure, you haven't seen the actual movie. Nobody has, because it's not actually out yet. But Fox News seems to think it sounds dangerous, and if that's enough for Donald Trump to condemn it, that's enough for you to condemn it, too.

Thankfully, Universal listened to your outrage and pulled the movie. In light of all the recent mass shooting at the hands of right-wing domestic terrorists, Universal didn't want to stir the pot by releasing a movie where...deplorables were maybe in the protagonist role? Wait, what?

Regardless, it was their decision to pull the movie, and they seem to have settled on that even before Trump tweeted about it.

But this puts you in a weird position. On the one hand, you hate censorship no matter who is doing it. Otherwise, how could you be an official Defender of Free Speech™? But on the other hand, all the things you defend are being censored because of snowflakes.

The Hunt isn't being censored because of snowflakes though, not at all. It's being censored because it might possibly, maybe, somehow offend big, strong, proud, red-blooded, REAL Americans who are very afraid of being shot, especially by someone who's not a right-wing terrorist.

In that case, maybe censorship is good?

Maybe it's better just to go back to wondering why liberals want Medicare For All that doesn't include white people. Because that's what "All" means, right? Sorry, it's hard to function with a deep-fried brain like this one:

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