"Fuck it. No rules, right?" Well duh, not if you're Justin Timberlake. In "Role Model," Timberlake takes on an even larger role than previously seen in his Tennman group's video "Hoodies On, Hats Low," where he shot a few harmless grins at the camera and helped the guys broadcast their unique style of headwear to the world. Here, he's angry-rapping and throwing fake punches, while the men behind the curtain set up a party in an abandoned warehouse, where girls can flash nearby cameras and guys can light shit on fire without judgment. JT's face gives way to gratuitous American flags and close-up shots on cops, signifying just how much these newcomers cradle the line between obeying the mainstream and diverging into The Radical. Did we mention the pyro? They tell you (repeatedly) that they're not role models, so you can't said you weren't warned. Even master mentors like Lil Wayne eventually bow out of protege's videos when they've reached a certain level of success, so enjoy these Timberlake music video cameos while you can.

Put some South in your mouth by watching the video below.