French performance artist Abraham Poincheval will be spending 13 days inside a dead, hollowed-out bear, at the ornate Hunting and Wildlife Museum in Paris, an act of symbolism about bla bla bla…

Now, I'm not saying this doesn't look like fun. Who among us has not fantasized about living inside a bear? But the nagging question remains: Is it Art?

Mr. Poincheval previously spent a week living in a hole underneath a bookshop, in 2012. Naturally, this experience would lead to the idea of relocating to the inside of a dead bear.

Certainly, Poincheval will be a changed man when he emerges from the bear but if he doesn't produce any nice drawings or pottery or anything while he's in there, I would venture to say that this isn't Art.

If he lets a bear live inside of him for 13 days, that might be Art, but this is just a guess. We will have to wait and see.