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From Bubbles to Kitty Purry, the 15 Best Pop-Star Pet Names

With Katy Perry posting an adorable picture of her cat on Twitter yesterday—so much that "Kitty Purry" (er, get it?) became a trending topic on Twitter—we decided that it was time for a roundup of some of the better pet names in music. (And no, Gaga calling Beyoncé "Honey Bee" doesn't count.) Pets are great, because they're like kids who never need psychiatric help, so you can pretty much name them whatever you damn well please without fear of long-term repercussions. Classic TV characters, dead authors, even straight-up insults—anything is fair game for pet-name inspiration.

Here are our 15 favorites. Be sure to let us know which ones we missed in the Comments section:

15. Hillary Duff and Madonna: Chiquita (Dog)


14. Christina Aguilera: Stinky, Chewy and Cocoa (Dogs)


13. Clay Aiken: Raleigh (Dog)


12. John Lennon: Elvis (Cat)


11. Beyonce: Munchie (Dog)


10. Kelly Osborne: Noodles (Dog)


9. Rihanna: DJ (Dog)


8. Michael Jackson: Bubbles (Monkey)


7. Pete Wentz: Hemingway (Dog)


6. Aubrey O'Day: Ginger and Maryann (Dogs)


5. Ke$ha: Magic, Beau, Murray, Little Mexican and Little Dog (Dogs)


4. Mariah Carey: Jackson P. Mutley (Dog)


3. 50 Cent: Oprah Winfrey (Dog)


2. Kelly Clarkson: Billy Joel (Goat)


1. Katy Perry: Kitty Purry (Cat)

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