This isn't the alphabet, but it'll do--if you were looking for a dis track about, oh, just about anything released or to be released in the past year, Game has you covered with "Uncle Otis." The thing's like one of those pop-song mashups, except that this is a dis track, so when you spot the song, it's in the context of lines like "Where's Frank Ocean? You could see my odd future -- you gonna need more than Novacane after I shoot you."

Far be it for us to repeat the exhaustive explication Rap Genius contributors have already(!) given to almost every reference here, but at least Game is timely enough to get J.Lo and Marc Anthony's split in there. And both Beyonce and Kelly Rowland! (If "Love Gun" made it, we missed the reference.) We just have one quibble, though--which half of these people could Lupe Fiasco outdo? Dude isn't exactly on his A-game lately.