Anna and Elsa Have PTSD in "Frozen 2" Trailer: All Our Burning Questions

Seriously, since when can you make a dress out of ICE?

Frozen (2013) marked a new age of Disney princesses and finally introduced a villain who wasn't an evil stepmother.

The second trailer for the much anticipated sequel teases a sinister side to the idyllic kingdom of Arendelle. Anna (Kristen Bell), Elsa (Idina Menzel), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), and Olaf (Joshua Gad) all embark on a new quest to save the kingdom from the "ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land." The trailer opens with the girls' memory of their father warning them about the enchanted forest. Now, as Elsa's powers continue to grow, she's struggling to resist the temptation to...murder everyone she loves?!

To be fair, that may not be the plot of Frozen 2, but both trailers so far have taken liberties to suggest dark forces are coming for Elsa. In the latest trailer, Elsa confesses that "there's this voice" calling to which one of those round little troll guys tells her to follow the voice to find out who's calling to her...straight into the forbidden Enchanted Lands. First of all, clearly horror movies don't exist in the magical world of Arendelle because that is patently stupid advice. Second, psychiatrists clearly don't exist in Arendelle either, because someone hearing voices is a good reason to seek the advice of a professional. Admittedly, we can suspend our disbelief while watching a flick about a man who regularly pretends that his pet reindeer talks to him and no one calls him out on it—but then the trailer shows Elsa crossing the ocean by freezing an icy path for herself and then riding some aquatic horse creature? We call bullsh*t.

Frozen 2 arrives in theaters on November 20—which means we have less than two months to settle our burning questions about the world of Arendelle and the Frozen franchise.

Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2

1. Will Kristoff realize that Sven doesn't f*cking talk?

2. Will Olaf ever self-actualize as more than a childhood plaything of two rich, royal white girls who played with the powers of life and death only to subject him to a terrifying existence?

3. Can Elsa take baths? Or does she freeze herself in a giant ice cube?

4. Sterling K. Brown voices Lieutenant Matthias, a defender of Arendelle the gang meets in the forest. But Why...Why is the only black character hidden away in the Enchanted Forest?

5. Does Olaf have a death wish? He's made of snow. Stop going outside: IT'S AUTUMN.

6. Have the citizens of Arendelle just forgiven Elsa for almost freezing them to death in an "eternal winter?"

7. Even if they haven't forgiven her, they don't have a choice, right? Because Arendelle is clearly a dynasty, not a democracy. Wtf?

8. When are we going to have a #SocialistDisneyPrincess?

9. Is Anna and Kristoff's relationship affected by Anna's inevitable PTSD from her ex-boyfriend trying to kill her and her sister?


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