'Frozen' Is Actually Just A Horror Movie In Disguise

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As if we all needed another Frozen-themed post, right? Well, this one is a must-see. If you strip away the feel-good music and replace the songs with dark, brooding, orchestral crescendos, the Disney animated feature takes a decidedly more sinister turn.

The fan-made trailer is beyond convincing, as the phrase "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" is far more bone-chilling and blood-curdling than before. Created by Bobby Burns, whose Twitter bio reads, 'I'm a Filmmaker that might be a little too obsessed with Tarantino,' the clip gives new meaning to children's bedtime stories. Seriously, if I were 12 again, I would be freaking out.

We all knew Elsa was truly evil, right?


Check it out:


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