It may not be the full thing just yet—for one thing, we don't hear any Nicki Minaj on it, and M.I.A.'s contributions seem limited to shouting "L-U-V MA-DO-NNA! / Y-O-U YOU WANNA?!" on the intro—but we at least have an entire demo now of Madonna's new single, "Give Me All Your Love." The preview snippet that leaked earlier today appears to have been fairly representative of the song entire—unlike Madonna comeback singles of recent years ("Hung Up," "4 Minutes"), "Give Me All Your Love" does not feature a Madonna who wants to prove herself at the cutting edge of the pop landscape, but rather one who just wants to prove she can still write a catchy pop song.

Some people have already written that "Give Me All Your Love" represents a return to the pure-pop Madonna of the '80s, but "Love" doesn't remind so much of the hits the pop legend made back in her Boy Toy days, as much as it does the more sun-soaked, new-wavey-bordering-on-power-poppy hits of artists like the Go-Gos and Josie Cotton. Actually, the Madonna song it's most like is "Beautiful Stranger," off the Austin Powers 2 soundtrack, the last time that Esther sounded totally un-self-conscious about how mindlessly bubblegum her material was. That may sound like an insult, but we certainly don't mean it as one—one listen down and we already couldn't stop singing the song's ridiculous intro to ourselves.

We may need a little time to get used to it, and we're still holding out for a full version including Nicki and M.I.A., but we're certainly not displeased with this so far. Take a listen and let us know whether or not you agree: