As it turns out, the endlessly watchable video for Rebecca Black's "Friday" was not an April Fools' Day joke itself, but its sincere weirdness and topical nature (read: it won't go away) makes it easy fodder for pranks! And did you notice that today is Friday too? The synergy is too perfect. Here are some of the jokes people have been playing on this most magical of Black Fridays.

Funny Or Die has the most complicated version of a joke, sending out a press release that Rebecca Black has purchased the website and has named herself chief executive officer. We definitely weren't suckered by this one since we are well aware that the millions she was rumored to be raking in was actually about $25,000—which might buy you breakfast with Will Ferrell, but certainly not all of Funny Or Die. Anyway, this didn't stop F.O.D. from turning their website into a sprawling, seemingly endless wormhole of Rebecca Black content starring Rebecca herself—including a Behind the Music parody, a Conan cameo, fake commercials and gifs galore. The best part is clips of "Friday" playing over and over and over again all over every video—if you watch them all, the joke is really on you. [via Funny Or Die]

• KEXP, Seattle's long-adored indie-rock station announced a new emerging artist series—with the promise that the decidedly un-indie Rebecca Black would be the first guest! Honestly, we'd rather hear her than Death Cab For Cutie anyways. [via Lefsetz]

• The UK's Daily Mirror has a little image on the front page that says "Internet sensation Rebecca signs up as X Factor judge" that leads to a "gotcha" page. Considering more people have watched her video than anything by Lee DeWyze, maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea. [via The Daily Mirror]

• We'll let the Twitter search results for "Rebecca Black, R.I.P." speak for themselves. [via Twitter]