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Function of Beauty’s Quiz Matches You With a Personalised Hair Care Formula

Honest question for all of you out there: when's the last time that you've gotten shampoo or conditioner that's made your hair feel awesome? I honestly don't always give too much thought into my hair care and normally just trust whatever my hairdresser recommends. But the problem with those is that they typically address one thing, like if you want more volume, more shine, or need to hydrate damaged hair. On top of that, there's more things to worry about in hair care these days like parabens, sulfates and unsafe ingredients. What if you could have products that are customised to your specific hair needs, not just one need? And what if you could get that at an affordable price? Well, Function of Beauty is doing just that and taking hair care to the next level with personalised formulas, made in New York, designed to treat exactly what your hair needs. I took the quiz to find out what goes into making your own shampoo and conditioner and here's what I found out.

1. Building my hair profile

The quiz starts off by asking 3 simple questions about your hair - what's your hair type, structure, and scalp moisture? My own hair is straight, coarse, and my scalp is normal (not oily or dry). Easy enough!

2. Selecting my hair goals

Here comes the hard part. What do I want out of my hair? The quiz gives you quite a few options:

There's over 15 hair goals to choose from, and I easily eliminated a few of them based on my hair profile. I knew what I definitely wanted for my hair was: shine, thermal protection (from my curler), volumise, deep condition, and colour protection (I like to dye my hair so colour maintenance is important). With each goal selected, it would let me know the specific ingredients that would be incorporated to help with that goal--sweet almond extract and quinoa for volumising or grapeseed and linseed oils to help with heat styling. It was really cool getting to see which ingredients would be added to my shampoo and conditioner based on what my hair needs.

3. Customising my formula

Each formula from Function of Beauty is unique and made-to-order. There are limitless possibilities for what you can get in a bottle--from colour, to fragrance, to fragrance strength. You even get your name on the bottle (and it's etched into the bottle, not some flimsy label) so everyone knows it's just for you!

I chose a rose pastel colour for my shampoo and went dye-free for my conditioner. The most popular fragrance was feeling (f)ineapple, but I ended up going with hibis(kiss), which has a bright scent of mandarin and floral hibiscus. I chose to get a light scent for my shampoo and conditioner because I hate when the fragrance of my hair is too strong; I only wanted a hint of it.

4. Choosing a delivery schedule

I figured it takes me about 2 months to go through shampoo and conditioner, so getting set up on a bi-monthly plan seemed perfect. I chose the 16oz shampoo and 16oz (435 mL) conditioner because they closely match the bottles I go through and it's their most popular option. The price is pretty comparable to what I spend on my shampoo and conditioner at the hairdresser, and even cheaper than some of the higher-end products I've used. And it's designed specifically for my hair! Free shipping was the cherry on top.

Besides the fact that it checks all the boxes from what you want in a shampoo (paraben, sulfate, and GMO free) - Function of Beauty delivers exactly what your hair needs in a unique formula with your name on it. Honestly, what more could you want for your hair?

UPDATE: Function Of Beauty is giving Topdust readers 20% off their first order. Click here and start the hair profile quiz!

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