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10+ memes of the gentle creatures we love so much make us laugh. Can you resist?

FEEL GOOD | These hysterical memes of animals will have you rolling

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It's a mix of comedy and cuteness when pets get into mischief.

I am not sure what it is about these memes of pets, but they make me chuckle and occasionally have me cracking up for hours to come. My favorites are dogs and cats. I have written about them many times before. I think animals are wonderful creatures that love unconditionally. They also do some of the dumbest things. You could get angry at these innocent companions or take a picture and share it with the world through the language of memes.

When I observe the loyal companions doing their thing, I can't help but notice they possess so many human qualities. I attribute this to growing up in a household, and I wonder. Do they have emotions like ours? Well they certainly have a sense of humor. I can relate to getting into a situation, perhaps caught in the act of getting into something that may not have been a good idea in hindsight.

It's Friday and this guy is so proud of what he did, he couldn't help but let you know. This dog just wants to kick off your weekend right... cleaning up puppy pee before you have to go to work. Good natured and great company, these adorable animals help us laugh at ourselves, recognizing how much they are like us. More similar than we can admit. After all, I have seen humans do many dumb things. Maybe they are just following suit.

This doggie can't get any respect


I don't think that's a mosquito.


Cat has a taste for canine


This cat knows when the party is over

We are ready to leave meow


couples can't be separated by walls


Cat's got to lying on his resume

Crumbs, chicken wings, pizza, tin foil

Bear is on the bottom


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