Further Proof That Justin Bieber's "Balls Have Dropped"

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Helping those who still have yet to see Never Say Never, Justin Bieber gave an abbreviated version of his origin story during his ITV concert in London, by performing a few of his older, pre-record deal favorites by Usher and Ne-Yo. The Bieb's cover of "U Got It Bad" helps to recall his road to stardom in musical form, specifically that night in Atlanta when he first sang for Mr. Raymond, while Ne-Yo's "Because Of You" reinforces the fact that yes, "vocally, his balls have dropped," when compared to earlier versions of the song. (We'll let you dissect that hairstyle in the comments below.) Ardent Beliebers will most likely be able to rattle off the exact date his voice began to change, and thus may not be so surprised at the difference between 2011 Bieber and these vintage YouTube memories. Still, we fall more in line with ONTD user Dorian_Mauve, who can only describe hearing today's version of "Baby"—complete with a Shawty Mane rap verse—as "a mindfuck."

The Bieb also performed several Under the Mistletoe tracks including "Mistletoe," "Drummer Boy," with Tinie Tempah in place of Busta Rhymes—they were in England, after all—and "Christmas Love." Watch below.

And below is proof of what happens when mean producers fool a couple of innocent Beliebers into thinking that their priceless tickets to see Bieber in the flesh have maliciously taken away. A hug with Bieber is known to cure all ills, but we hope ITV has a good insurance policy on its hands.