Future is bringing out the true musicians with #MaskOffChallenge

15 musicians that highlight the instrumentation in hip hop music.

If there is one thing Future releases accomplish, it is igniting social media. Add a Metro Boomin production to the equation and the internet explodes. Futures new song, "Mask Off" off of his newly released album Future, is no exception. The newest single features the re-emergence of the flute in hip hop.

Re-emergence? Yes. Well-produced Hip Hop has always relied heavily on instrumentation for some of it's best contributions–drums, violins, mouths, and flutes are just some of the instruments used since the 80's to bring a pulse to the offspring of the original rock and roll and blues. Remember the flute in Jay Z's "Big Pimipin'"? How many times have you whistled (or if you are like me did a hybrid sing-hum of the bur-bur-da-bur-da-bur) the melodic flute playing underneath the track?

Well, it looks like Future's new single has brought out the rap loving, classically trained musicians. From violins, to bass guitars, cello's, pianos, and clarinets musicians of all levels hopped into the challenge to offer their musical covers. Let this be a reminder that music unites all, and that art in schools has lasting effects on students (I'm looking at you Donald Trump). Did I miss your favorite Mask Of Challenge? Hit me up on Instagram or twitter and let me know.

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