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f(x) Sings About Wisdom Teeth In Weirdly Amazing New Single, "Rum Pum Pum Pum"

K-pop fans will know f(x) as f(x), and non K-poppers will know them as the group that did that Funny or Die video with Anna Kendrick. How ever you know them, the important thing is that they're back with a brand new single called "Rum Pum Pum Pum," and it's pretty amazing.

The new tune was co-written by Norwegian hitmakers, Dsign Music, who were responsible for Girls' Generation's genre-contorting "I Got a Boy" (we called it "the craziest pop single of 2013") and EXO's operatic "Wolf," so that tells you right off the bat that it's going to be a little left of center.

For starters, it's about wisdom teeth.

"Hello / you probably heard of me at least once / your wisdom tooth," the girls sing. "Attention boys! I’m a bit different / I pushed aside all the others and took my place."

The rest of the song is an intricate web of snares, hand drums, funky little guitar riffs, and even a splash of samba. It's weird, interesting, and totally addictive -- which is everything we want from an f(x) single!

The music video is a bit disappointing as it follows SM Entertainments usual set-based box formula, but on the bright side, f(x) look great. Fashionista Krystal's dyed her hair a blazing hot pink, Luna's gone back to black and looks fabulous for it, and Sulli is just plain beautiful. We're also loving Amber's stylish tomboy swagger.

Check out the music video and f(x)'s live performance on M! Countdown, below!


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