As we all anxiously await BIGBANG's comeback at the end of the year, the individual members of the super boy band are keeping busy with solo activities. Daesung is currently promoting his own album in Japan, while G-Dragon is preparing to release a new EP and embark on a solo world tour. But before all that happens, GD's gone and dropped a digital single called "MichiGO," and it sounds a lot like a certain ratchet hip-hop cut from a certain ratchet pop star's very ratchet new album.

Yes, we're talking about the almighty empress of nude photos, Rihanna. Her messy Unapologetic opener, "Phresh Out The Runway," contains very similar production to GD's latest jam -- so similar in fact that we think that the BIGBANG leader may have a bad case of the sticky fingers.

This isn't the first time that one of G-Dragon's singles has been suspected of snatching from a famous urban artist. His 2009 chart-topper, "Heartbreaker," got in hot water for its similarities to Flo-rida's "Right Round," causing a slight scandal at the time. However, the problem was resolved when YG Entertainment personally reached out to Flo-rida and put the rent-a-rapper on an official "Heartbreaker" remix. The pair later performed the track together, and Flo even spent a day hanging out with BIGBANG's Seungri as part of a Japanese TV special.

Perhaps we'll be seeing Rihanna on a "MichiGO" remix soon?