If there is no legitimate beef at all between Madonna and Lady Gaga, you can bet that we'll make a good and hearty one for 'em by the end of the year. Some people took Madonna's compliment for Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" from earlier this year ("I thought it was...interesting") to be minorly back-handed, and now, with Gaga tweeting about the halftime show at the upcoming Super Bowl (at which, of course, Madonna is performing), the maybe-feud should only grow in stature. Not that Stefani says anything bad about Madonna—in fact, she doesn't say anything about her at all. Observe:

In the words of Madonna, we can't help but find this a little...interesting. It's not a Madonna dis, really, but her absence from the tweet is indeed conspicuous—how can you post about a halftime show featuring the one pop star in the world that your career owes the most to, and not even acknowledge her involvement? Perhaps Gaga just loves beer and boys in tights so much that Madonna can't help but rate #3, and fair enough, but to avoid even slipping her name in there somewhere seems weirdly disrespectful.

Of course, Gaga probably didn't mean anything by it, and will certainly claim as much, her tweet giving her a ready sort of plausible deniability. But as our fathers always told us (or would have if they had a lot of military experience and loved to reference it at inappropriate times), "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action." If there's a third instance of a super-vague callout or dig between these two pop queens, we'll have no choice but to start some kind of "Team ____" hashtag campaign. Please don't make us choose, ladies. #no