Following popular music artists over Twitter as much as we do, we've come to expect that 99% of their tweets fall into the categories of self-promotion, fan dialogue, or mundane life updates—even a bad joke or a "now playing" tweet seems like sweet relief by comparison. So when you actually stumble across tweets that reveal very pertinent life information and real emotion, it's very disarming. One of these all-too-rare instances came today, as a series of tweets posted by West Coast rapper Game about his pending marriage to longtime girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge popped off our timeline:





The "rumors" Game is referring to were probably started by the message on the couple's website, reading "We regret to inform you that the wedding of Tiffany Cambridge & Jayceon Taylor has been cancelled." And as gossip site NecoleBitchie points out, this isn't the first time Game has called off his wedding after getting engaged, as he got cold feet before marrying Valiesha Butterfield a half-decade ago.

Still, raw stuff for a Thursday afternoon on the Bluebird.