Fans of Adult Alternative music, sun dresses and goofy hats, rejoice: Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat will be joining forces for a duet. Not just any duet, but the love theme for the new Nicholas Sparks film adaptation Safe Haven (due on Valentine's Day 2013, natch) entitled "We Both Know." The two appeared together to present at the AMAs, leading to some speculation about whether they were dating and a lot of wondering from us about whether they had already released an album together that nobody told us about or something, but no—the upcoming collaboration will be their first, despite seeming the most natural pairing in all of pop music.

The two gushed about the song a in a recent Billboard interview, with Gavin calling the song "a real nose blower," and predicting that it would be "the ringtone that people choose for the person that they are in love with." He also raved about Caillat, saying he'd "like to record with her as often as possible. I think we have a real Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers thing going on for this generation. We have a really special chemistry and you can really hear it on this song." (Umm, sorry Gavin, but we think Pras and Mya already have that one on lock for this and any other generation.)

The most important revelation in the Billboard interview is that Gavin answers to a higher authority when it comes to his music: The "hardest critic that there is," brother Joey DeGraw. "I have to play everything for him," confessed DeGraw. "He is brutally honest. I played the song and he pointed at the phone and he goes, 'That's a fucking great song.' And then he said this word, 'Ringtones, ringtones.'" Can we get a Joey DeGraw reality show, please? Where he evaluates contemporary pop songs with his trademark brand of hard criticism? "Ringtones, ringtones" can be his catchphrase. We'll figure out the rest of it later.