Is there anything worse than awkwardly running into your ex when they're with their new flame? Especially when your hair isn't done, you're wearing your fat pants, and you've spent the past week locked inside your bedroom inhaling tubs of Baskins-Robbins and watching Real Housewives marathons on Bravo. Korean vocal trio Gavy NJ know all about the pain of a post-breakup collision, so much so that they've themed their new single, "Pretty," around the whole humiliating ordeal. The music video for the depressing ballad, while a little on the cheap side, does a fine job of capturing the gut-twisting misery of discovering that your ex has moved on while you're stuck at home turning into an obese cat lady.

If you're up for some second-hand embarrassment and reliving a few painful past memories, then check out a play-by-play breakdown of the uncomfortable video, below.

Damien may have dumped me and left me as a brokenhearted shell of my former self, but that was, like, a whole month ago now. It's time for me to get back out into the world and start enjoying life again!

Yay, a claw machine. Winning one of these cute stuffed toys will cheer me up. Maybe if I get one big enough, I can snuggle up to it and pretend that it's Damien ...

Yes! Plush puppy for the win! Just a little bit further and he's mine ...


After getting screwed over by that shady claw, I have no choice but to turn to junk food for comfort. I know I shouldn't be eating this stuff, but I'll only grab a few small things ...

This should be enough to get me through the night. If I run out, I can always come back later.

Oh yeah. This ice cream is soooo good. Sure tastes better than any man ever could. Come to mama, baby, 'cause I'm gon' eat you up!

Oh no. Tell me I have NOT just run into Damien ...

... AND his new GIRLFRIEND ...


Okay, girl -- play it cool. You don't want them to know that they've rattled you.

"Hey! Great to see you! You're looking simply marvelous. Becky, is it? Wonderful to meet you. Yes, the weather is beautiful today, isn't it?"

"I'm in a rush right now, but I'll call you this week for a catchup? Yes, I'm supposed to be at lunch with my boyfriend and I'm running late. His name? Uh ... his name is ... Eduardo ... Corrochio. He's a matador."

What's this? Damien always told me that he hated PDA, yet here he is with his arm all over stupid Becky and her stupid shoulders. Not that I care.

Choc-nut swirl, you're the only friend I have left in this world. And I'm still going to eat you.

Waaaaaa, who am I trying to kid? This is the worst day of my life! Actually, the second worst after the day TVXQ split.

Forever alone.