PREMIERE | Beth Ditto "In and Out" lyric video is animated with a story of friendship

MUSIC VIDEO | Fake Sugar is the songwriter's debut album, featuring this soon-to-be classic

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Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Love grows over time in this endearing, animated short film that happen to be matched with an equally powerful pop song. Beth Ditto has recently released the "In and Out" official lyric music video. It takes a unique approach by having animated lyrics with a story that mirrors the sentiment of the track. This single comes off her debut solo album "Fake Sugar" (Virgin Records) which is out now and available everywhere.

The video opens on a small hut in the middle of the woods. It is the morning and the sun is rising. We go inside to find our main character, who looks like a yellow pickle with arms and legs. He is just waking up and having a cup of coffee in the garden. Pickle man does not looks sad; another day in the life. He turns his cup over to spill what's left in the cup into the dirt.

We travel underground and discover a seed that is sleeping. It is awakened by the coffee that has seeps under the ground. A new friend pops up. It is one the pickle man has cultivated. It looks like a leaf or sprout. Pickle grows the friendship by nursing the seedling with a watering can. During the chorus we see the woodland creatures.

Fingers on Blast

We come back to the little sprout a little larger. looking more like a flower and toddler combined. There is a montage of their adventures in the garden. Even though they were restricted by proximity due to the his friend being rooted down, they had good times. The plant continues to grow, but then a threat exists.

Danger!! Dangerous spiked tentacles grow out from the ground and attack the pickle man. All seems to be hopeless, but somehow the bad guys are thrashed to pieces, but how? The plant has now matured into a woman and saves pickle man from certain doom. It ends with them riding off on a bike and leaving the forrest.

"Fake Sugar...recasts Ditto as a versatile, pop-minded rock star who can still shake the rafters with her voice when the moment calls for it." - NPR Music

Ditto grew up in a poor family in Arkansas in the southern United States, with her mother, various stepfathers, six siblings (two older brothers, an older sister, two younger brothers and a younger sister). She was raised Southern Baptist and Pentecostal. At age 13, she moved out of her mother's house and went to live with her aunt. She moved to Olympia, Washington in 1999; then to Portland, Oregon in 2003, where she lives as of 2014. At 18, she discovered bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Raincoats and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Her voice has been compared to Etta James, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner. She is often reported to describe herself as a "fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas".

She had fronted the band Gossip since their formation in 1999 until their break up in 2016. In addition, she has been involved in other musical projects. In 2008, Ditto contributed vocals to the Crisis charity single "Consequences", a collaboration between various artists. In 2010, she sang on Simian Mobile Disco's track "Cruel Intentions" for their album of collaborations Temporary Pleasure. In 2011, she released her own 4-track Beth Ditto EP, produced by James Ford and Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco, on the re-launched Deconstruction Records.

In addition to releasing six acclaimed albums with the Gossip, Ditto has recorded with such artists as Blondie. She sang on Blondie's "A Rose by Any Name" from their 2013 album Ghosts of Download. Harrod Horatia, writing in The Telegraph, has said, "Where the stripped-down three-piece Gossip play propulsive, garage band blues, Ditto's own stuff is melancholic, soulful dance music, inspired by 'Eighties disco soul jams' that she loves, and the up-tempo pop-R&B of I Wanna Dance With Somebody-era Whitney Houston. She also worked with disco legend Cerrone, collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier on her eponymous plus-sized luxury clothing line, modeled for Marc Jacobs and appeared in Tom Ford's Oscar-nominated film, Nocturnal Animals.

It seems as the popularity of lyric music videos has increased, the production value has as well. The animation for the "In and Out" lyric video is so well done. It has a more sophisticated feel to it and a great concept. Her music has a sad, yet optimistic view on how things life can work out. That happy ending after adversity and dedication to a relationship yields results. Great pop art mixed with a great pop artist.

Ditto is such a talented singer and her stage presence is undeniable. She performed the lead single, "Fire," on "The Late Late Show With James Corden." Her performance, which can be seen above, gives fans a hint of what to expect from Ditto's upcoming live concerts.


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Lyrics from "In and Out"

Written by Jennifer Erin Decilveo and Mary Beth Patterson

Push my buttons, I'll be patient

You can try me as just another day in the life

I know you're not getting the respect that you deserve

Feeling barely alive

Oh I will love like a millionaire

Living on a dollar a day

Oh (hey) Money isn't everything

I, I do it for you

You do it for me

And we go

Hey hey-ey-ey

(In and out of love)

Know I've been around a while

And no one cut me when I see it, baby

My whole world wrapped in a smile

I stuck around with my heart wide open

We made a hole and it can't be broken

They give and take what make it all work out

Hey, Heaven wasn't built in a day

I, I do it for you

You do it for me

And we go

In and out of love

Hey hey-ey-ey

(In and out of love)

I, I do it for you

You do it for me

And we go

In and out of love

In and out of love

Rolling Stone

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